30DC Day Two (Part 1)

Well I’m back again with Day 2 of last year’s Thirty Day Challenge. I think that this should be obvious, but it is accessible all the year round now, so like me you can do it very much at your own pace. Just a recap on Day One first.

If you remember, after the introduction, Day 1 went into ways to find a niche and coming up with (at least) 7 potential subjects for your new website. There were 3 great sources for ideas:

Hardcopies of Magazines – physically go to your local newsagent and browse through the magazines. Don’t limit yourself to the main subject material in the magazines. Scan the classified ads too, see what people are selling.

Source 2 is the virtual extension of the first idea. Go to Amazon’s Magazines & Subscriptions section and have a good root through there. Use the main subjects, but then spin off into other ideas, such like take a wedding guide magazine and think about all of the aspects of a wedding. Best Man’s speech, Invitations, Wedding Cakes, Photograph(er/y) etc etc.

The final source suggested is e-How.com and similar sites like Wiki-How. Browsing through these sites will reveal a plethora of ideas from ‘How to Cater a Dinner for 50 People’ right through to ‘How to Track Down a Deadbeat Parent’.

The best summary of Day One is never throw out an idea as daft or outlandish as it seems at first. Go with it. The purpose of the next few days is to reveal whether or not they are good ideas or not.

So, to Day Two. In his email that ‘he’ sends out to introduce each day, Ed summarises what we’re going to learn:

‘At the end of Day 2 you’ll understand what niche and micro-niche markets are, how to identify quality keywords for those niches and will have fully researched at least 3 of the 7 topics you chose on Day 1.’

OK those words sound like the very best in Aussie Jargonese (they’re not), but the way the videos are put together you’ll very quickly understand them. The first video defines the terms ‘market’, ‘niche’ and ‘micro niche’. Put simply a market would be something like Weddings, a niche is a sub-set of a market and may be something like Wedding Jewellery. Finally, a micro-niche may be something like Groom Design Cufflinks. I shall elaborate on how these three things, marketnichemicro-niche are defined in my next post on the subject.

If you can’t wait for me to do that, why not visit the 30DC and take it from there?

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