Wanted to write something interesting… this will have to do.

I had it in mind to write a devastatingly pithy blog post for you as I sat watching Mr Magorium’s Wonder Emporium just now with my wife and two youngest boys.  It was a film that had a really uplifting message, so if I give you a bit of a stream of consciousness then the message and hence original idea for my post will come to fruition.  Or maybe not.  But no matter, bear with me…

It’s been an absolutely glorious day here in Shropshire, the sort that makes your heart sing.  Yesterday was a very similar day too.  It is going to be a real downer when the winter starts.  Of course that’s a negative message, so I’ll focus instead on the positive.  The last two days and in fact the last couple of weeks have been a real bonus on the and of what actually been a decent summer.  Not scorching but we’ve not been soaked through to the skin that often either

OK, I think I’ve remembered where I came in here – the old stream of conscience has done its trick.  Let’s get back to MMWE.  As with a lot of films of its ilk, the message is one of self improvement or even self belief without the need to improve.  You have it within you, if you would only look deep enough.  Relationships should be cherished and friendships allowed to blossom – don’t be prescriptive and do all that you can to allow others to be a success.  That way, you’ll be one too.  In my current position of being unemployed this is a message that I’ve not adhered to often enough.  So, knowing that today is the first day of the rest of my life, I’m gonna do everything that I can to make it take off in the direction in which I want  it to.  Stagnation and regret are no longer going to be given head room in my life.

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