UK General Election May 2010 Results

Well that was fun. I stayed up until 2.30am watching the result roll in. And after all that we don’t really have a result – at least no clear majority for either Labour or Conservative. Because of the system in the UK this is a relatively rare occurrence and it leaves things in a bit of a limbo. One of the major arguments against electoral reform in this country, i.e. the introduction of some sort of proportional representation, is that this sort of result would be more common – it’s all well and good scoring over half of the seats in parliament, but gaining an overall majority of the popular vote is a tad more difficult. Accordingly, in order to get a majority, deals inevitably have to be made, but on an issue by issue basis. Thus any given vote in the House of Commons could mean a defeat for the governing party – and the potential for another General Election. So, all talk by Labour of being keen on electoral reform is just that – talk.

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