The power of thought

This will be short, I promise.  Last night after having been out playing football in the garden with his two brothers, number three son was in a state of extreme tearfulness.  The reason for this was that he was worried about dying young due to eating poorly.  Fact is that we as parents must bear a good deal of the blame for  his feelings.  You see the thing is, the wee fella was always a bit of a fussy eater, not keen to try new things and only really happy with bread and / or cheese based meals.

When he started to eat more varied fare such as lasagne and toad-in-the hole we hit on this and were happy to eat him have these.  The fact that he wouldn’t eat much in the way of veg passed us by.  We’d cook lasagne and serve it up with broccoli, green beans, carrots and all sorts for us and the other two.  He’d be happy-ish to eat carrots but no much else in that way.  Not wishing to make food an issue with him, we’d not insist, just happy that he was eating (slightly) more varied food.   However, yesterday he resolved to change, to try different things.  He had a banana when he came home from school, ate broccoli with his carrots and lasagne and then ate and apple and a half for his afters and supper.  Making his butties for today, he passed up on a chocolate biscuit!  Way to go boy.

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