The blushing coconut

Sounds like a name for a bar in Spongebob does it not?  It may even be the name of a bar in Spongebob.  But anyway, I digress.  The boys’ school had its annual school fare last week – as usual bets were hedged with the weather and it was decided to stay inside the school.  Of course the sun shone and it was absolutely sweltering (nb last year the decision to go outside was rewarded with it fine mizzle for the duration and this wasn’t from the local fire brigade’s appliance – see, you can’t win with the British summer).

One activity which was held outside, with the chance for some fresh air, was the coconut shy.  Throw three tennis balls at 5 traffic cones with coconuts perched atop.  If you can knock one off, win a coconut.  Well, without being too big headed, I managed to win myself a coconut – it wasn’t difficult, throwing the ball anywhere near the cluster of cones was good enough.  Once I’d got it home, extracted the water and dropped the thing on the floor a couple of times I was in, and the pure white flesh of the Cocos nucifera was revealed.  My question is, how much of your coconut do you need to eat for it to count for one of your five-a-day?

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