On the inter-connectivity of life (or lack of…)

We’ve been decadent today. Number 3 son, who is a fussy eater, made some mini pizzas (with bagels cut in half) at his cookery club at school yesterday. So on the way home today we decided to ask him if he wanted to make them at home.

Can you guess what his answer was? Well of course you can.

However, if you allow one of the little cherubs to make such a choice then you have to do the same for the others. Number 2 son decided that he’d like a curry – so that’s what he had. But, and this is my point on inter-connectivity, we bought the jar of curry sauce from supermarket B instead of our usual supermarket. Looking at the blurb it said it was a medium curry. Now I like my curry on the spicier side but in the interests of compromise we usually have a Korma – aka a mild curry. However I am moving our buying / eating habits towards having a medium curry from supermarket A. So when I picked this medium curry from supermarket B I wasn’t expecting something quite so spicy. Number 2 son ploughed through his, and currently number 1 son is doing the same. So we can safely say that not all curries are created equal.

In the same way, when you buy an item of clothing that is marked as one size in one store, then go and buy something nominally in the same size in another, why is that they sometimes aren’t the same size? Many’s the time that I have heard my wife, sister etc comparing sizes between chain store A and chain store B saying that you need to be wary as chain store B’s sizes are effectively chain store A’s minus one and so on and so forth – and to think that I used to think that was so much nonsense. Oh, yes and why do all of the manufacturers of mobile phones and lap tops and any other consumer electrical goods insist on all of their charging plugs having different shapes and sizes? The only thing it seems that stays the same is the USB plug, but even that can have a myriad different shapes / sizes on the end that actually plugs into the electrical thingy.

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