On-line versus Off-line

The big debate in our house at the moment is whether we should do everything that we possibly can using on-line means or not.

It’s been highlighted by the issue that we’re having with car insurance.  You may remember that we’ve recently changed cars.  All reasonable ok on the physical exchange of vehicles front – though the guy who bought our car through eBay actually wanted to haggle when he got to us.   Anyway, eventually we got the price we’d previously agreed and a chunk of the pennies went winging their way to the guy who’d sold us our new car (well it’s new to us!)

Previous to this, I had arranged my insurance on-line – having rung the provider direct for a quote and then picked their much cheaper quote through confuddled.com or whatever it’s called.  All through the day when we picked the car up, my dad had been telling us (well me) that a visit to a bricks and mortar insurance broker would enable us to get a Certificate of Insurance in the flesh (so to speak) there and then.  Of course I didn’t (wouldn’t) listen and as an up shot I’ve got a car, which is fully insured, sat on the drive but not drivable on the public highway because I can’t tax it without a valid insurance document, because I’m still waiting for my on-line insurer to send it out to me…

What’s more, this is a particularly difficult week for this to happen as I’m in the middle of a two week placement in a school 20 miles from home and my wife is having to ferry our children to school on the bus.  All well and good until you realise that there’s one bus an hour during the day time, which then reverts to being one every two hours just after the kids come out of school!  Eh? What’s all that about? And tomorrow, one of the kids has swimming and the distance between the baths and school (the other one still has to get to school) will most likely see him being late.  But then the nice lady on the phone yesterday said that the necessary document would be going out in the post…

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