Midnight meanderings

Just a short post this morning… (01:04 to be precise).

I have just got back in after escorting my wife up the road to meet her friend.  We left home at about midnight, give or take a few minutes.  The girls are going out for a few beverages – I myself am not quite in the mood for it. (To be brutal, the kind of night out on offer in this town, doesn’t move me in quite the same way it does my wife.)

Anyway, in order to kill two birds with the same stone, we took the dog for his late night constitutional – the intention being that he will be fully empty and hopefully, won’t wake us quite so early later on this Sunday morning…  well it sounds plausible.

It’s a beautiful evening, as befits the gorgeous day that we’ve just enjoyed.  The sky is crystal clear and the moon, perhaps three-quarters full, is absolutely stunning.  I will be turning in now, keeping the bed warm for my wife, with my memories of the first proper day of spring safely stored.

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