Today has been a bit of a crappy day really.  On Sunday my wife had noticed that the cat was sat oddly, his head tilted to one side.  So she took him to the vets (I was out for the day – it’s a long story, won’t bore you with it).  The up shot was that after careful consideration he’d most likely had a stroke or had some sort of tumour in his brain.  The best thing to do is to take him home and give him these antibiotics; generally keep him comfortable and bring him back on Tuesday (today).  He was expecting to see some improvement by today, or else it could be the end of the road for the cat.

Prior to this, our car which is up for sale had suffered a bit of exhaust trouble.  So much so in fact that we needed a new one fitting.  This appointment was also fixed for this morning.  This morning, as my wife nursed the poorly cat, I took the children to school and then proceeded to the garage with the car and a bag of postage (one bag of three – the result of our eBay business over the Bank Holiday weekend), which I was intending to have processed at the post office.  Oh what a fool I was.  For a kick off the blessed post office didn’t open until 9.30 and at 9.10 when I got there the queue was already snaking around the corner.  When in doubt, WH Smith! So that’s where I headed.  Having managed to spend 20 minutes in there I felt pressured by a shelf-stacker so I wandered over to the post office where the queue was now even longer, despite the fact that the doors were open and people were filing inside.  Next stop, Wilkinson’s and after a brief wander around there I thought I’d check back at the post office.  Nothing doing, same long queue, no chance of getting any of my posting done before the car would be ready for me to collect and then go home to pick my wife up and the cat and take him on his final journey.  Anyway, it being such a lovely day I decided to have a sit down and watch the world go by.  As I did so, I looked up at a well known High Street chain and its battered sign – DORO HY PE KINS, it’s just along from C INTO CARDS.

Of course it’s been that sort of day, so by the time I had got back to the garage the car was still high up in the air on the ramp, its new exhaust still being fitted.  By the time the job was done and we’d been relieved of £184 and some pennies it was time to go home.  I could have waited in the post office to get that postage done as things panned out, but then I wouldn’t have spotted DORO HY PE KINS in all its consonant lacking glory.

Mercifully, the cat passed very peacefully and after lying in state in the living room waiting for the boys to come home from school he was conveyed to the bottom of the garden for his interment.  I’d dug a decent sized hole and after a few words we laid him to rest.  I’d like to think that I chose a nice sunny spot for him to lie in and and take in a few rays at his leisure.

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