British Voters Can’t Really Be That Stupid?

Well that’s that then isn’t it?  We had the chance to vote for a change, for a more representative form of election to our legislature and we blew it completely.  I don’t think that I will ever bother voting again, certainly not in a UK General Election.  My vote is meaningless.  Like I have said before, a dustbin with a blue rosette would be elected as MP in our constituency.  I don’t want a Tory MP, I would never vote for one, yet living where I live, I will always get one.  Similarly, if I lived in a constituency in Liverpool or Manchester there would be the same chance of not having a Labour MP.  Nothing that I could do in voting for somebody else would make the blindest bit of difference.

Forget the House of Commons expenses nonsense, this was the biggest scandal in British political history over the last few years.  We had a chance to change things, to make parliament better reflect the will of the people and we fouled up.

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