Andy Murray

The power of sport to move the human soul should not be under-estimated.  I’m not a fan of tennis by any stretch of the imagination, and Andy Murray is a character with whom I’ve no particular affinity either. However, when R5 decided to focus on (what turned out to be) the last few moments of his Australian Open semi final with David Ferrer I was hooked.  My wife and I had been out and we couldn’t leave the car when we arrived home because we didn’t want to miss a second.  Fortunately our hero managed to secure the victory without keeping us out there in the cold for too long.

There is, however, not a snowball’s chance in hell that I will be watching the final – tennis being so dull, but I will be keen to find out the result and I will be pleased if Murray wins.  So play up Andy and do it for yourself, forget the crass w*nkers of the English media who now like to claim you as British.  Your Scottish-ness would normally make them run a mile, but now that you’re in with a chance of winning a Grand Slam Title they’re all over you like a rash.  Go Boy!

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