Update on ‘Parking at School’

It gets worse. If you remember I had a rant back in June about the attitude to people and parking at school.

Well, for the last week or so ‘they’ have been digging up the road in order to make a sewer connection. Consequently, the on-road parking hasn’t been available to quite the extent as usual.

Does this bring out the Dunkirk spirit in people? Does it buggery. It makes them even worse. There is another area of on-road parking, and this is clear from any road works. So naturally enough people are having to park there. However, there is a small sheltered housing complex which is accessed off this road and on Friday some bright spark in a Volvo (sorry it’s a sweeping generalisation I know) had the great idea of parking across one of the visibility splays so that he could wait for his grandchildren. If this wasn’t bad enough, when I came back with my children, somebody else had decided that ‘when in Rome…’ so he had blocked the view on the other splay.

Some people are just wankers.

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