Time travelling actors

I hope that you have all been enjoying Endeavour on ITV for the past couple of weeks.

I always loved a bit of Inspector Morse, and with what seems like the end of Lewis, this new slant on the story is right up my street.  My wife and I were watching an old Morse the other night when lo and behold, we noticed (well, I noticed) that one of the suspects was being played the chap (Roger Allam) who plays Endeavour’s boss.

Now it’s not that hard to get your head round the fact that the same actor can play two different roles.  It’s just that with the franchise having being extended into the future with Lewis, and then into the past with Endeavour I was quite happy to let my mind wander in a kind of Back To The Future riff.

I nearly missed the younger Allam (playing Denis Cornford in Death Is Now My Neighbour), but for the fact that his voice just kept insisting that I knew that I had seen him before (or rather afterwards) somewhere… you must know how that feels.

This episode is also famous for being the one where Morse finally revealed his first name.  Without which, of course we would have no Endeavour.  Now that’s Back To The Future.

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