Speed traps, flashing other motorists…

I’ve just been listening to Jeremy Vine’s show on Radio 2.

One of the topics was surrounding the issue of flashing fellow motorists when you see a mobile speed trap – some guy had apparently been successfully prosecuted for doing same.  The gist of the argument of quite a number of callers was that they would always flash in such an event.  I find this quite incredible, and their justifications of it even more so.

The motor car is a great liberator but it can also perform the opposite role.  We become enslaved to the bloody thing.  I’d call it the Clarkson effect.  It makes people want to drive their cars with little regard for the legal speed limit and then get very hot under the collar about the police actually attempting to enforce such limits – spouting all manner of nonsense about ‘proper crime’; the same people park their cars all over the place at primary schools, never mind that they’re blocking the road / pavement / roundabout / someone’s drive.

I reckon it’s all gone mad since the 80’s when personal choice was handed over to us to do with what we want and basically, bugger the consequences… just a thought.

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