HTML Dog by Patrick Griffiths

This post was originally called, Site Redesign, which makes it sound more involved than it actually is. It’s even a little out of date now, as it refers to the previous coat of varnish that I had aplied to  But anyway, I was using the new WordPress default theme, twenty ten with a child theme called thirty ten to convert it to three columns a la the previous incarnation of the site. I’ve been playing around the edges to get it to look similar to the previous incarnation – same colours (ok, colors) for links, that kind of thing.  I have been ably assisted by using the excellent XHTML / CSS book HTML Dog by Patrick Griffiths.  He explains things in very simple terms, for very simple people like me. So much so that I have been able to rescue what may previously have been a terminal imperfection.  If you look at the header, the bar with the page navigation in it lines up beautifully with the image below. This wasn’t always the case as in trying to put some white-space around the header box, I had managed to offset one from the other. But the Dog came to the rescue and showed me how to align the two elements with just a simple additional line in my style file.  So there you go, HTML Dog helps dangerous simpletons such as I to come up with something halfway decent. It may not be cutting edge design, but it pleases me…

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