Post Christmas, pre New Year

Is crap really isn’t it?  You’ve had all your presents, well most of em by now, and it’s just a case of waiting for January and that back to work thing.  You think that you’d like to stay off for a while longer because, let’s face it, going back to work can never be that much fun; but there is that nagging little thought at the back of your mind that pretty much anything would be better than this purgatory that you’re in at the moment.  Face it, all those parties and nights out of the pre Christmas period are but a dim and distant memory.  You can stay in bed until whenever you like, but so what?  There’s always that nagging doubt that you’ve got something that you should be doing.  The weather is crap, so you almost need to have the heating on 27/7 – another bill to face post Christmas.

So the best thing is probably to go back to work, if only to get you back into a routine; to have someone else pay for the heating (assuming that you work inside); and probably most importantly, so that you can talk with your workmates about all the fun you had in the lead up to Christmas.

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