Norway / Amy Winehouse

They seem a pretty phlegmatic bunch those Norwegians don’t they? They suffer a tragedy like yesterday and the bottom line of what the Prime Minister says is basically, ‘We will be an even more open society’. I think that is such a refreshing response (patronisation alert) to what must be a crushing tragedy (you don’t say). It’s much better than the George W. Bush retort to 9/11/01. Fighting fire with fire, surely, only makes the flames lick higher.

As for Amy Winehouse, well that’s perhaps not such a great shock as she always did seem a little flaky mentally. But it’s still so sad. I have to confess that I’ve never bought any of her CDs, and I only have an .mp3 copy of her stupendous cover of the Zutons’ Valerie but it was clear that she was quite some talent. Another star in heaven is shining bright tonight. Or it will be when it goes dark.

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