Moving house

Well that’s it, we have moved.  It’s all done and dusted now, just the odd box here and there to unpack.

As usual (we do move ever three or four years, it seems), we have done all of the hard work of lifting things from one place and taking them and putting them down in another ourselves.

This is a good thing because,

a) we know who our friends are and we have some good ones;

b) we control all the time and pace of moving – if you drop a clanger it’s your own fault and

c) it’s that much cheaper – labour is such an expensive commodity.

We did have a bit of a let down with our telecomms provider.  I won’t mention the name, but it does contain the word telecommunications.  The phone was sorted on the day that they stated, but in a memory of previous dropped ones, they messed up mightily with the broadband.

Suffice to say, it was supposed to be up and working on the same day as the phone line, but actually took them another week to finally sort it out.  Having waited in all afternoon on the day that we should have received a visit from an engineer (!) – they mean technician – it took a phone call on my part to find out that there was no chance that they would have called.  WTF?!  Preparatory work not carried out in the street, they said.

Question, if you know this to be true then why, as an organisation which is supposed to be about communication, couldn’t you have told me this on the day?  Again, I am left with a sour taste in my mouth because of expectations set, but not met on the part of another.

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