Here’s a thought on the nature of memory.

We’re currently experiencing a humming sound when our boiler switches itself off.  It’s easily rectified by pressing a button on the control to start it up again, and then turning it off within ten seconds.  Strange huh?  But it works.

Anyway, you may be asking yourself “What (TF) has this got to do with memory?”  Well, I’ll tell you…

If I may take you back to the late1980’s. One night, during my time at University, my friends and I were sat in the pub (nothing so unusual there), when I became aware that a humming sound that I had not previously noted had ceased.  Now if that’s not strange enough in itself, I mentioned that fact to the group and they all said that they had noticed it too.

So far, such an odd story.  The thing is, I remember this event like it were happening at the moment.  I don’t remember what the conversation was about although I do recall that we had only just arrived at the pub, so probably not much, but I do remember who was there.  My question is, why can I remember the instance of the humming noise ceasing, but have not an earthly about any of my lectures on that day?

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