Hot News – It’s Dave

Here in the UK we have a TV channel called Dave. As from today we also have a Prime Minister called Dave. Interesting times lie ahead. At least he didn’t come over all St Francis of Assisi. I especially liked his point on ‘entitlements’ versus ‘responsibilities’. And he mentioned Society too. I hope that he means it and that he can follow through to ensure that people who expect something for nothing are made to pull their weight, but that at the same time, people who genuinely are unable to contribute are not penalised.

Too much of politics in the UK is skewed by the first past the post system. Votes in neighbouring constituencies don’t necessarily carry the same weight as each other. This time, the system has delivered something which requires consensus – so we will see no nonsense such as the poll tax, which a dominant party was easily able to pass as legislation through parliament only to be thwarted by the will of the people. If we get PR or a form of PR from this current situation it may make Britain a more tolerant place as a result. We shall see.

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