Finding equilibrium

Finding equilibrium in life is one of the great challenges facing us all.  By equilibrium, I mean being in a state of rest, with no stresses, no pressures on us.  I suppose that we get a mini one of these every weekend – you know, the weekly rush is done and we get chance to put our feet up for a while; lay in bed that little bit later and so on.

We get longer periods of equilibrium at less regular intervals, spaced further apart.  I guess you’d call this a holiday.  A week off pottering or perhaps a fortnight away in the Canaries.  Perhaps.

And then there’s Christmas, that year ending festival of indulgence, punctuated with two big days, Christmas Day itself and (my particular bete noire) New Year’s Eve.  These are all times for relaxation and for not worrying at all / too much / as much* about those day to day things which can really get on top of us.

As for the the best way of getting into this state of equilibrium, well, I can’t put it better than Stephen Patrick Morrissey himself, “I was happy in the haze of a drunken hour, but heaven knows I miserable now…”

*delete as applicable

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