Delicious irony

I do love it when politicians are shown up for what they are.  In my local council area, controlled by the Tories, though I didn’t vote for em, there has been a lot of talk recently about the need to reduce the number of schools in order to save costs.  This has been subject to a long and somewhat painful consultation process over the past few months.  Well today the council finally gave its verdict and a number of schools are now to close.

But the schools are fighting back.  At least one of them is promising to use the national government’s Academy Schools legislation to wrestle itself away from local authority control in order to save itself.  Where will the money come from to fund this new academy?  Well, I’m not entirely sure, but I wouldn’t mind betting that money will be removed from the local council’s education budget in order to fund it, even though it now has no control over it and indeed had planned to close it because it couldn’t afford to keep it open.

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