Car Parking At School

Grrr! this really gets my goat. There are some real idiots around out there who just have no idea what a selfish bunch of cretins they really are.

The school that our boys go to is next to a community centre and there is also a rather large car park plus ample parking out on the road. Now whilst the roadside parking is usually utilised (including blocking in the bus stop) there is no way ever that the car park is full and still they park on the narrow loop of road leading to and from the car park and as for the grass in the middle, why the hell not eh? And then there’s the roundabout – why not park on there too?

I don’t know what these people are trying to prove (apart from the obvious) but it wouldn’t harm them to walk a few extra yards, would it? If I were a resident living nearby, I’d be pretty pee’d off I can tell you. I despair of these lazy, arrogant people who still believe that their having a car allows them to disregard common decency towards their fellow people.

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