Aussies ‘don’t give a XXXX’ by abandoning beer for wine

Isn’t it great when a national stereotype gets a good kicking by some juicy stats? (NB 54.6% of stats are made up on the spot). Since this stereotype has largely come about from its use by Australian beer producers trying to sell their product in the UK, it really is an interesting reversal. Alcohol is one of those subjects around which there is so much garbage spouted by the great and the good. It always amuses me when we hear how bad drug addicts are and the this drug and that drug are to made even more illegal and that possession of them can land you with a police record or time inside, when all the time one of the most dangerous drugs in the world is freely available down at your local newsagent. Clearly money talks, and one of its many languages is hypocrisy.

Beer consumption in Australia has dropped to a 60-year-low as the younger generation abandons the “amber nectar” in favour of wine.

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