Another Monday dawns

Weekend over, we return to work and school.  Son number 3 had his birthday on Saturday so as the chocolate finally leaves his system this morning he’s going to be a little more difficult to shift from his bed than usual.  Son number 1 is in the shower – having recently realised / discovered that it’s good to smell reasonable fresh.  Number 2 son is currently spilling cornflakes everywhere and then making them soggy with milk.

We have just sold our car – on eBay – and are waiting for the purchasers to make contact to discuss when they’re going to come and pay for / collect it.  Once we have the cash we’ll be in the market for a new one ourselves, so that’s gonna be fun with no car to get around!  In these days of high(er) petrol prices in the UK (and the rest of the world?) we need something a little more efficient – 25 miles for each gallon of petrol is not good.

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