I like books.  In fact, I’ll go further than that, I LOVE books.  Can’t get enough, if I could sleep in a library, I would.  I’m going to focus on two types of books – this is my very own distinction and purely arbitrary at that.  There’s books for entertainment purposes and books for learning.  Of course, some books are easily classifiable in both piles, like I said, these are arbitrary groupings.

Books for Entertainment

Not necessarily fiction, this type of book will make you laugh, cry, shun your family whilst you finish it, and so on and so forth.  This type of book allows you to relax, to switch off from the day to day mundanities.  Very important.  All work and no play, as they say.

Books for Learning

Expand your knowledge of the world by reading books about other people life experiences. You can’t possible have been everywhere and done everything. Don’t sweat it, other people have and you’ll generally find that they’re willing to share their experiences with you. Read, absorb, understand and act are my four watch words here. Action being by far the most important. You can get much great advice from this type of book, but it’s not worth diddly- if you don’t put into action.

These are some fantastic books that I would heartily recommend:

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